What is Project e-ma?

Project e-ma* is a global mindfulness project which uses Japanese wooden tablets as a means to engage people with notions of hope.

By painting onto the e-ma (pronounced like the girls’ name ‘emma’) communities can come together to explore their wishes for the future in a creative and dynamic way.

The e-ma, when hung together produce a unique democratic, living community artwork, which can be interacted with by the community. E-ma can be taken off, examined, placed back and reordered, allowing citizens to 'speak back' to the monolithical 'meta-narrative' murals that adorn so much public space in Belfast.

Started by Dr. A. R. Woollock, a former Ph.D. student in the School of Education, Queen's University of Belfast, Project e-ma aims to start a community-wide dialogue of what the future might look like, especially for residents in socially deprived areas; deprived areas which are, ironically, often adjacent to the University.

Developed on site, with the backing of citizens in South Belfast’s Donegall Pass (Shaftesbury Ward), and located on the wall of St. Mary Magdalene Church (Church of Ireland); project e-ma is testament to the positive and inclusive nature of the Pass, and the citizens' willingness, and desire to build a vibrant and inclusive society.

*Project e-ma is copyright ARWoollock 2013-2016, all rights reserved. Legal and intellectual property rights have been asserted.

プロジェクト 絵馬


Project e-ma