The Business Application of Project e-ma

As a pedagogical tool, Project e-ma* is at the forefront of creative learning practices which enhance and explore the dynamic, disruptive, and critical potentiality of visual-arts practice (mark-making). Project e-ma differs significantly from other 'creative' or 'visual' business interventions insofar as not only is it unique in the field, but the core components that have made it so successful in the community setting also transfer to the business environment; allowing for a multitude of select applications such as:

i) The use for both individual or group problem solving

ii) The use for individual or corporate strategy development

iii) The use for knowledge exchange between silos in organisations

iv) The use of e-ma for creative, critical self-reflection, and self-knowledge

v) The use of e-ma for ideas generation in a manner that contains an  inherently dialogical aspect to allow forward traction into development under a flexible monitoring system intrinsic to project e-ma

If you or your organisation is interested in learning more about what creative solutions project e-ma can bring to you, please get in touch. We would be very keen to explore current iterations and develop bespoke solutions that meet your creative needs.

Project e-ma was showcased at The 7th International Art of Management and Organization Conference in Copenhagen, and at the The 18th Annual Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference at NUI Galway in September 2015

*Project e-ma is copyright ARWoollock 2013, all rights reserved. Legal and intellectual property rights have been asserted.

Project e-ma

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