What are people saying about Project e-ma*?

"Good community project very interesting"
"Really loved doing, made me think about my future  and what I hope to be"
"A really lovely idea - forced me to focus on the future, and required optimism"
"Helped me make dreams and visions seem a bit more possible"
"Wonderful concept I just loved it"
"I found this workshop very wonderful"
"Really nice experience, absolutely relaxing! Thanks a lot"
"Mindful, reflective, relaxing and fun. Thankyou for a creative morning!"
"Very interesting, enjoyable and cathartic. Great idea!"
"Really enjoyed it, would like to do more. So good to get an opportunity to paint something other than your house!"
"Very cool experience - take your time and listen and enjoy it"
"It was interesting as it made us thunk about our future"
"It was good. I liked doing it. I learned something new"
"I liked making my e-ma, but I was a bit confused because I wasn't sure what my hope was"
"I enjoyed the painting, but I didn't like having to think about my hopes and I did not want to have the same hope as others"
"I was happy I took part, because I painted something that made me feel happy"
"Fun, cool and I would like to do it again"
"it was good. I can't wait to see them up on the wall"
"I didn't think my tablet turned out very well. But I enjoyed the painting"
"Mine took me ages to do, because I had to think about my hope. I picked "safety" because my area is not safe for us kids"
"It was very interesting and was good to participate in something different"
"What an unusual activity this morning - sent so many thoughts tumbling through my head. Very enjoyable and the art was so new to me!! Not sure I got my thoughts on the piece of wood"
"Meditation helped me focus on one thing I, my family, and my community hope for. Going forward this year I feel I have more clarity of purpose"
"It was really good I loved it"
"What a good thing it was to do a course like this to do and hope that the wall of hope goes a long way for the people that done this all thanks to the people of the big A many thanks"
"Brings the community together"
"I loved it"
"Was really good"
"Exciting way to express hopes and aspirations. Thank you for inspiring a community"
"Great work brings community together!!! Thanks"
"Gets you thinking about your community and hopes you have for friends and family"
"Very different. Enjoyed it"
"I found today's workshop workshop very interesting I didn't know anything about this until now"
"It was very interesting and enjoyed it.... lives a renewed hope...!!!"
"Really enjoyed it"
"It was really relaxing and interesting"
"Thoroughly enjoyable very interesting, relaxing and therapeutic - Happy Days!"
"Great interaction for all age groups promoting laughter and chat"
"Made me think of my friends around the world. Great fun and got us all talking"
Very interesting and gave time for reflection"
"A very enjoyable scheme. Many thanks"
"For the least artistic person in the world this was an engaging and challenging activity at the same time. Sometimes we use too many words: a picture paints a thousand words!"
"What a great little project. Totally loved it, so special to be part of it. Want to see it brought out far and wide around NI, will spread the word"
"Pay attention, let it go. A prayer for Belfast. New creation, layers revealed. Dialogue, creating meaning. Let it go. Pay attention. Let it go. A prayer for Belfast"
"It was very nice. I really liked to do it and would like to do it again"
"This is an interesting project transporting Japanese traditional e-ma to Belfast and encouraging people (to) express their thinking, wishes and dreams. The house-looking shape of the e-ma gives people warm feeling like house, which matches very well  with the painting and messages"
"I really enjoyed  this exercise. I was surprised at how quickly  my ideas were formed and feel quite attached to the little piece of wood now. I'd like to frame it it and keep it when you're done"
"Lovely process. Lots of learning needed a fuller explanation to begin with Great atmosphere developed, talking to camera was very intimate. Interesting to see if people could share. Well-facilitated"
"I'd like to turn the idea of a "home" into a bigger one, that can connect to neighbors  and the whole community. People can sit together  and share with each other"
"I really enjoyed the workshop. We spend a lot of time in university learning about other people,  places, or ideas - it was nice to take time out to learn about myself"
"The workshop is very interesting. It brought back memories of my young growing age. It made me to put in painting my dreams for my under-priveledged children in my community. It is a well organised workshop, everything is in place. I am very impressed, well done"
"Thought the meditative aspect was a very interesting approach to really connect with both the material and concept in front of me - a really interesting way 'in' as an individual..."
"Be tough to life. Dream hope! Hope is attempting but also hurtful. Can be beautiful like butterfly but can be into piece sometime"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the session - I felt therapeutic and helped organise my thoughts"

If you live in the Donegall Pass, have participated in project e-ma, and would like to share your views on the project, we'd love to hear from you! Please use the contact form to send them to us. We look forward to receiving them.

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