Project e-ma in association with the Frankie Quinn, Director of the Red Barn Gallery, and Colin Harrison Healthcare, Belfast is sponsoring citizens of the Donegall Pass in a photovoice project.

At present six young citizens of the Pass are using Holga 35mm cameras to record their life in the Pass and issues they deem pressing. It is hoped that by coming together to share their photographs dialogue will be stimulated which not only tackles prevalent social issues in the Pass, but also highlight positive aspects too, and the development of the Wall of Hope.

*Photovoice (Wang & Burris, 1992) is an arts-based, action-research methodology based upon Paulo Freire's Critical Pedagogy, 1970) which aims to empower young people and marginalised citizens to engage with and photograph social issues in their community

Project e-ma

プロジェクト 絵馬